Sunday, November 29, 2009


(phew...finally caught up!)

Thanks to Joe, we have some documentation of Thanksgiving!  It was a wonderful time spent with the Wirths!

Birthday boy!!!

It was a party at the bounce house!  

And there were only two teeth knocked out this time!
Happy Birthday Truman--we love you!

Grandma's house...

Wes and his family came for the weekend so we all got together for breakfast!

We ate, played, and visited.  Such fun times!  We missed you Mike and family!  (And Jessica and Maria.)

preschool times....

We LOVE Miss Karilee!   Kate's Halloween and Thanksgiving performances were so cute!  I can't believe how big she's getting!


Went a little something like this:

I didn't even have a costume for this little guy...good thing my friend shelli had an extra one in her car. :)
This dude's an alien--minus the alien face (not his favorite).  He has the best first grade teacher!  
And this little one was . . . a fairy!  Surprise!  You cannot resist her though.  She is that scrumptious!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I read this girl's post.   I remembered the phone call from my mom.  The flights back and forth.  The prayers and feelings that accompanied the faith.  I remember the later confidence and relief only to be chased away again by fear.  And then I read her post.  And sat and wondered how I have allowed this fear to enter and spread its grimy gloom to other aspects of my life too.  Well, I'm done.  I'm with you Lori.  I'm choosing faith!