Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Tammy....

Tammy (Joe's sister) got married on Friday to Kelsey Williams. It was a lovely wedding in their home. She asked me to do her make-up. I said "okay," then I got real nervous and wondered why I have to have an opinion about everything (make-up) and why I said yes...then I took a deep breath and she made it easy. She looked great and was absolutely glowing!

Tammy with her dad...Big Joe

Tammy with her mom, Susan

And here are the Wirth siblings. (minus Laura in Colorado)



And baby brother Joe (along with niece Chanel)

The kiddies were so good...

Congratulations Tammy and Kelsey!!!

P.s. I used my camera for the first time EVER...but I forgot the instruction manual at home...good thing the camera works by just turning it on! I loved experimenting with the 50mm/ 1.8 lens...but came to realize that was as open as my shot would get. Next time I'll need to remember to bring the 18-55mm so I can get a wider shot going! It was a ton of fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Many thanks to all for such a wonderful birthday and all the well wishes!!!! It all started with the worst high school pictures blown up of me smeared all around the outside of my house! Serves me right for telling Kristen forever ago what happened to my cousin Rachel for her 30th when we were staying with her. Kristen was sneaky and rounded up seriously some of the worst pictures. So, thanks for being my friend back then...after that hard evidence I wouldn't have blamed anyone for just walking away! :) Oh and a shout-out to only sibling I attended high school with...who I'm positive always made sure I had a date!

Aside from Kate being super sick and standing around in my never-before-worn (absolutely fabulous, ALMOST totally worth it except for the fact that I'm 6 months PREGNANT) Kate Spade 10,000 inch heals for four hours at Joe's firm office part--my birthday has been one of the best!

The coming! I'm on day three of 5-10 day delivery. I ended up getting the Nikon D80 along with a 28-80mm lens, 75-300mm lens, and my most beloved 50mm lens!!! There are also wide angle and telephoto attachment lenses in the mix too!!!! I'm super excited...but big purchases take time with me. I know as soon as it comes and I'm comfortable with will be totally worth it. For now though, I'm just trying to take slow deep breaths. Oh, and Joe got me this amazing photography book that I study's amazing how much there is to learning just the basics...before you even take pictures. But I love it.

Joe also got me this wonderful face stuff! Love it!!! It seriously cleans out all the gunk in your skin! It just makes it look brighter. My mom uses it and that is the reason I'm now using it.
Joe also go me really great little thoughtful things like books and piano music and he cleaned** the house. My parents were so good to donate to the camera cause and get me a much needed hair brush replacement! (someone once referred to my hair straightening huge brush as a "dog brush," had it's day) Oh, and my in-laws sent me the new Deceptively Delicious cook book! I read the whole thing at Zach and Sandy's while I was there and decided I needed it! Worked out perfect! I also have such good friends! Sara planned a birthday dinner...which was much needed after having a full weekend of "have to" engagements and a sick baby! Isn't is so nice to just go out with the girls!!! Courtney's also planning the December birthday dinner (there are four of us) which is no biggie...with a newborn and two little ones! :) Now, this last birthday gift came from Mark and Maria....she sent her cleaners over to CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? **Joe was a tad offended because he already "cleaned" the house for my birthday. (But somehow the floors and bathrooms or dishes didn't qualify as part of the job :) I love you Joe and thank you and I obviously don't blame you for not wanting to do either!) They cleaned today for 2 1/2 hours! EVERYTHING!!! Blinds (I really was going to clean them when we moved:), fridge, cabinets, in-behind-under furniture, dusted even the top stuff Joe can't see, scrubbed, organized, shined-up, streak-freed everything.....the list goes on! So now I blog because I don't have to clean!!!! Or at least now I blog with a clear mind and clean house! I have been so spoiled!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

But some of the best birthday news came from Wes. He had his first post-chemo scan on Tuesday and NO GROWTH! They had a pretty big scare with the headaches, but he got some medicine for them! That kind of news is the best stuff out there. So yeah for answered prayers and lives abundantly blessed! Mine has been this season!

for those who still care....

go to to see who will actually play Bella and Edward! Robert Pattinson takes a few glances to warm up to (and a quick google search for some photos other than on they've nailed it! If it all works out (script, acting ability, etc...) we'll all be drooling over this Edward in the end!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thank you Laurie for hosting Thanksgiving! The food was wonderful and I loved the game Vince did. I'm a major reminiscer and loved hearing the stories everyone shared! Doing things like that make it so much more memorable...I need to remember that. Oh, and thanks for letting us hang so Joe could watch the game!
(Sorry no pictures...the camera is broken...which brings me to my next post script...)

Joe--I'm kind of nervous for my birthday. (He never reads this, oh well :) I'm afraid I've overwhelmed you (and myself) with my birthday wishes that they might all end up as some smelly candle or lotion. (Not complaining, I enjoy a smelly candle...but that's just a Wirth thing that runs way deep :) So now I NEED a camera and have come to terms that I really don't need more camera than this...even though I would LOVE this camera, want this lens, really want this program and will eventually need an imac (of course) as my keyboard keeps omitting more and more letters as I type. But then I think...I really want a house. That kind of trumps everything else (except for the camera!!!) and that's what I really want. I'm not against sharing my birthday present with the almost four members of my family....too many things! So I guess I should just be thankful for what I do have! NO more waiting until we can get this or that...we've got a pretty good life! (And seriously, a camera is all that is needed....haha...there I go, negating everything...except a camera is more for the documentation of our lives! To remember our family in all its stages, right?....) blah blah....

We're watching Zach's kids this Thursday until next Tuesday while those two go to Rome. Eight kids....hum. It will be fine. Maddy is a great help and the older kids are really good! I'm just praying those three young ones (including my Kate--ahhhhh) don't run me to the ground! Actually, my kids will be in heaven at their house with their toys...I'm not worried at all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

this picture...

(My Grandma Bowler is on the left.)

It makes me feel a connection to the past. To those that came before and prepared a way for me to come to this earth with the blessings of their faith and the sacrifices they made for it.

And all who come from that.

I miss my Gram.

I am thankful for...

looking out into the congregation to find this little one exclaim in excitement "MOM" followed by her biggest grin, most delicate beauty pageant wave, and much practiced wink. I guess there are some pros to playing the organ.

I am thankful for...

a clean house.

For a little boy who went around and picked up all the toys without even being asked. He's was so full of the "Thanksgiving Spirit" this afternoon and it was fabulous!

I am thankful for ...

only having to wait for one hour at the DMV and for cars that are registered.

doctor appointments that last 15 minutes, and little 5 month old heartbeats.

all five lanes of the 95 that are finally opened!

actually being prepared to leave for St. George tomorrow!!! (So much better than my normal rush-forget everything-leave a messy house exit.)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Town Square....

Have you been? Did you know it was even existing? I went with a friend yesterday only to be totally caught off guard by how great it is! Feels like you're walking around shopping in casino! Shopping, movies, eating, playgrounds...and no casino/strip influence in sight! How great is that!!! Oh, and the best part....that would be the new H&M that has women, men, youth, toddler, and baby clothes!!!!! (Two H&Ms here! This is the best one!) Picked up a few tops (thank goodness for the current style that allows skipping the maternity shirts completely) and the cutest t-strap black shoes for Kate! We're going back Saturday for our "family outing" so Joe can check it out and the kids can play! This is the second time in the past four days we've gone some place that feels like we're not walking around Vegas or influenced by the casinos and strip...don't get me wrong, go Vegas, but.... nice to be here and away from that stuff! If you're itching to go to Town me up cause we're always ready to go!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've been tagged by Abby (who I'm not linking to because she's gone private...sorry everyone without access because she's super cute and so is her blog) here goes....

6 things about me....

1. I'm a genetically nervous person. Oh, and living in Poland sparked this genetic tendency once I got home. Every prayer of mine pleads for help in discerning between me freaking my paranoid self out or actual promptings. It's pretty much how I am able to live in Vegas with two little ones, pregnant, and sorry self-defense skills....(see, totally paranoid.)

2. I LOVE good food! I love cooking, eating, seeing fine foods. (And Joe does too! The eating/seeing part...this just insures that when we go out, we're not going to Chili' offense out there.) But HATE baking! I'm not a fan of baked goods. My dessert of choice is from my friendly dairy friends. Whipping cream, half and half, sugar...desserts of this variety are for me!

3. I actually like math and science. Chem 105 (the second time around when I attended) statistics...I really enjoyed them. Maybe it's all of the music training throughout my life that made the whole math part of my brain work...who knows. Not to put any less emphasis on my love of the arts! As many of the online tests have proven (and you know it's TOTALLY legit because it's online...) I am equally left and right brained. Of course I can't remember the term...shows how much this brain is working--being pregnant doesn't help with my cognitive skills!

4. I NEVER want a pet. Nothing personal. I like looking at animals from a distance. I find some beautiful and fascinating to observe. But I never want an animal in my home....ever! Living in Eastern Europe ruined me for life. Going into their 10x10 apartments with their pets living amongst way! They don't belong in my home. I can hardly handle the grime of my own family let alone an animals. And I don't care if some of their mouths are cleaner than's not coming near me. (Of course, now that I've written this Joe's going to surprise us with a dog tonight...ahhhh :)

5. Joe and I karaoke in bed! (more info than you wanted:) We turn on our PS2 and Sing Song, lay back and party! I have to stand for guitar hero, so not quite as relaxing...but totally worth it.

6. I'm a non-distracted reader. I can read with the TV on, my kids screaming, (during conversations, sorry Joe:), anytime. It's totally from my mom. My whole life I remember being two feet away saying, "mom, mom, MOM, MOOOOOMMMM" and her just sitting there reading. Drove me crazy! And now I've come full circle!

Okay, now I'm tagging...Trisha, Maria (you can post on the Truman bog:), Natalie, Jek (you need a new post:), Sara, all my cousins (Rachel, Amy, Brooke...etc) who need a reason to start a blog! and anyone else who wants to.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Congratulations Joe!!!

Joe had his very first trial! It was a slip and fall against Mandalay Bay Hotel...lots of long nights at work and two and a half weeks later, the verdict...1.4 million! (Mandalay only offered 200K) GO BRAD AND JOE! They had a really great case and made me realize how important personal injury attorneys really are. The good ones--not the slimy ones all over Vegas that give the law a bad name!
He's home at night now and totally relieved and had the time of his life! (In his law-life, that is...:)

I went to hear the closing arguments and it was awesome! I can't believe this is where we are in life! I'm so thankful for all of our blessings and that we are where we are. I'm so glad I married a "lucky charm" literally. If you ever really want to win a contest, drawing or anything of that Joe, he's your guy. Way to go!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Final Act...

These are some pictures from my mom's blog. Joe was working (trial's almost over!!!!!!) so we three went to my parent's ward much fun! My camera battery has officially refused to charge (now I have a legit reason for my new camera) and mom forgot hers, but we captured the essence at their house afterwards! Thanks Mom and Dad!

p.s. we came up with Dad's costume on the fly and look how well he pulled it off!!!! ha ha

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Remember when... was just us?
...we did everything together! We read, played trains, napped...we became the best buddies.
...I would rock you and tell you about the first time we met? How the nurse tried to sooth you but you cried and cried until she gave you back to me and instantly you (we) were calm and all was well.
...I was worried that you would ALWAYS push?! (even though you were a "happy/playful" pusher) And Grandma would tell me how you would be fine and grow out of it...and you did.
...we were in the car a little while ago talking about the conversion of Alma the Younger (from the scripture video) and I was explaining how Alma changed his life and wanted to be good because he found out how much Jesus loved Him? And how a few days later in the car you said, "Mom, I'm going to change my life. I'm going to be good." (Even though you already are:)
...I would rock you and think that one day you're legs will be too long and your body too big, doing lots of little boy things, but I will still hold you and tell you how much I love you...and you are, and I do.

Remember how... always come and put your arm around me and say, "you're the best mom ever!"
...your friends come over and if they start feeling down you tell them how much EVERYONE likes them and how they're your friend?!
...your teacher told me the other day what a good boy you are? She says if you are ever involved in a squabble you always goes up to the other kid and tell them how he is your friend. make friends where ever you go? Especially at the park! And you always tell people what pretty dogs they have, even though you don't want the dog to come too close. and daddy always have your "talks" in bed at night? And how your dad comes in afterwards and tells me how much he loves you and he couldn't have asked for a better boy!

Always remember... much you are loved! a day doesn't go by that dad and I don't tell each other how thankful we are that you are ours! much Heavenly Father and Jesus love you! are the BEST BOY EVER!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

acknowlegment...the first step.

I'd like to think of myself as "normal" at least according to my personal parameters (does that really count then?) ...but I've got issues. (no big surprise, I know) I'm a "get a deal" kinda girl. Always have been. I assumed as circumstance and situation in life changed, I would as well. Not really the case. Maybe on some levels...but I still want to "get a deal." A weird adrenalin/beat-the-system kind of high. I'm always looking and waiting for just the right timing. Get the most for my buck! (side note: This does not include "investment" items or "one-of-a-kinds." And wouldn't it be great if I were referring to something other than clothes, housing items and other non-sensible material items that I usually have too much of anyway? I'm not.)

So here is the issue at hand...I'm a floater! Definition: Purchasing an item but never committing to that item until it is worn/used/nonreturnable. If I can't commit, I return it and float the money on over to another purchase for the better DEAL without any buyers remorse...because hey, I haven't really spent any money on this NEW item, I'm just using the money from the original purchase. Are you getting my twisted thinking? I have things for months in bags with tags...just in case. Just in case...I find a similar item that is WAY better, or would rather take the money previously spent on this now dejected item and put it for something more desirable. I keep my receipts, ALL. I know return policies. I don't buy at Forever 21 unless I can commit in the the store (which usually isn't an issue because you get what you pay for and it's super cheap.) Why the neurosis? This behavior cultivates feelings of thriftiness and frugality. And more important, fuels my "got a deal" high. I'm not spending very much on this new item because I'm using the money from the returned item. Is that an issue or what!? I'm not NOT spending. I'm just floating my money around adding a little here, adding a little there. And feeling great! Of course, if I go to Anthropologie it's a whole other issue waiting and lurking...

Am I alone in this clear-spender's conscious (which is so not the case)? Is this genetic? Do you just love that a return of purchase is "free-for-all" money for me so I can just keep on spending?! You know..."get the most out of my buck"...(ya right!) Well, today I actually do. Even though acknowledging the problem is the first step of recovery I'm not sure it helped. I'm looking at my bags of new maternity shirts from Anthropologie-- SUPER good sale (and no, Anthropologie does not have a new maternity line) and I can't quite make my clear-spender's conscious feel guilty... Hummm, guess I'll have to keep it all! So much for step one!

Thursday, October 25, 2007 it out! it's my new favorite friend while blogging!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


happy halloween!

The party has officially started! And what, only seven days before the actual holiday? That's how we like to roll.

My buddy was a power ranger (the kid hasn't ever even seen a's a show, right?) And then there's the witch...with her silly face (thanks big brother, can't quite break her of it.)

Notice the poses and flexing-my-muscles face throughout this whole evening...

Where'd the tongue go? She thought I was done!

Stern muscle-flexing face and practicing her favorite thing.

Meet Little Sam, or Sara's Sam, or School Sam...(not to be confused with Big Sam, Maria's Sam, or Tom and Sam.) These two are BUDDIES!!! Trum loves this little guy!

They were both Power Rangers! I don't think my buddy really gets the whole concept of picking one costume for Halloween. Every year it's been wear one friend's to Trunk or Treat, wear a random one from home for school, and then another random home one for the actually holiday. So in going along with our version of Halloween, he decided to be the black power ranger after finding out that Sam's going to be the blue. Of course he still wants to be four other things come Halloween!

Then came the candy and very exited kids that I got home and threw in bed to avoid that post-candy-missed-bedtime total come apart! It was so fun. Just wish Joe could have been there... but when there's preparation for trial, there is no dad...but I will take that over an unhappy billable hour husband!

(hee hee hee cackle cackle...)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A mother's intuition....

is always RIGHT, right?!!! In this case, yes. It's a BOY!!! Joe is totally pumped. He has this subconscious fear that he'll only produce girls (5 older sisters). I think that's a major reason he married me, for my 4 brothers. Anyway, the relief was almost tangible as the Dr. declared, "there's only one." Joe wasn't that relieved, he just thinks that twins will mean more kids to wrestle. (He doesn't understand that he'd actually have to do some night time duty with two...) Now we can really start narrowing down names...right?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God,
who is our home:
-William Wordsworth

Isn't this reason enough to name our boy (because that's what we're having...and no, my ultra-sound isn't until Wednesday, it's just the same 'mother's intuition' that I had with my other two) William??? William Wirth. Love it, but not Joe. Joe and Truman want Finn, which I'm not opposed to...but William (the name I hated in high school) is my pick thus far. For the twins (that don't really exist, even though my stomach would tell you otherwise) Trum has picked out, "Finn for the brother and Leedy for the sister," because of course, they're fraternal. Who knows were he got those names. My back-up girl name is Anna, but again, I am alone in this. With only 15 weeks down, we've got lots of time to refine our choices and come to an agreement...right? Unless we want to go Mark and Maria style... :) Any suggestiong???

Monday, October 8, 2007


What a fabulous Conference weekend! I am so thankful for leaders who support me in my many different roles. Who give guidance, direction, and encourage us to be better. And I am thankful for the Spirit that fills me with courage and desire to become better. Now it's just time to go forward...


Wes called this afternoon after his scan to more chemo!!! After almost two years of chemotherapy his last two scans have indicated that his tumor hasn't grown or is "stable." So, happy day! Not a prayer in our house goes by that we don't bless Uncle Wes. How thankful we all are for the power of prayer.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


had such a fabulous weekend! My cousin Ashlee is going on a mission. Me, my mom and two older brothers went to her farewell (with no kids) and it was wonderful! She did such a great job. My mom posted all about it here.

Then today I woke up to beautiful weather and this...

it's been an all hugs and loves kind of day!

Then after perusing the blog world for a minute this morning I found this...

which I totally love and is a calender found here.

And I'm going to quilt one of these one day...I'm just going to straight up copy it from her! How do you like that!?!

Days are good again...until about 7pm and that's when I tap out...but thank goodness for second trimesters.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


WALMART has this???

it's only about 500 dollars

cheaper than this...

sure there are differences...but not 500 dollars enough. Thank you Walmart. I really didn't know you had it in you. (this one's for mary....)

Monday, September 24, 2007

When I am pregnant no more......

I will eat these. Not because they completely lack in nutritional value (which is totally the case), but because they sorely tempt me to lick my plate when others are around.

By the way, they don't look as healthy as the picture provided by Rachel Ray. Trust me, they aren't as good with fresh green beans as they are with the canned....and yes, I actually said that!


4 cans green beans

1 package of bacon, cut up and cooked till almost done in the microwave

3/4 stick of butter (the reason I'm not eating them now, :(

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 cloves garlic, minced (or if you're truly from Arkansas and resist any freshness...use garlic salt)

salt and pepper to taste

melt butter, add: bacon, garlic, salt and pepper, stir, pour over green beans and bake for 45 min. at 375 degrees.

After reading this recipe you may wonder if my hormones have gotten the best of me, but rest assure hormones have nothing to do with it....they are that good!

A day in the park.....

goes something like this..

with a little of this....and this.....

some more of this....

and when we're this...

it's time to go home.

So long summer!