Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the night before christmas.....

Okay...well maybe not THE night before...
and we really WERE going to sit on Santa's lap but, see-- there was this line and a playground and peppermint hot chocolate.....so we settled for a picture of Santa.  With some strange kids on his lap!

Monday, December 22, 2008


My kids LOVE grandpa. And from the get-go too. It's mom, dad, and grandpa! (Grandma, you're next in line! :) He's got a magnetic pull they can't resist... but who can can blame them! :)

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Friday, December 5, 2008

blog roll....

I've got issues with my blog. I've got a geriatric computer literally on it's last start-up and I'm too lazy about this stuff to keep up on it! I use generic templates, don't up date, and still have our '06 family picture over there in the sidebar. Which to all you google reader users (if you're not, you must go towards the light!) it doesn't matter. But whenever I click over to my own blog I kind of cringe. I have a huge list of friends that I keep up on. Are you on my blog roll??? Probably not. I've notice that I've been added to yours and later removed from some. Hope we're still friends. :) This Christmas hopefully will bring a new computer (no longer a want---definite need!) And my goal is to edit pictures, regularly post, and update the looks of my sorry blog. I just don't have the time/patience while my computer uploads each pictures dial-up style! So it is written. You will be on my blog roll. You may be my friend's siblings, some distant cousin of some college roommate...but you will be added as my friend. Because, quite frankly, don't blogs make us feel like we are all friends?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

autumn, hair cut, and grubbies....

....our time together.

halloween and the third wheel...

Trum and Kate on their fourth halloween event and the actual night!
Meet Cinderella and Mr. Ninja.
These were also the fourth costumes worn this season.
Why do my kids think each halloween event requires a different character?
Baby Grey fell asleep early so I stayed at home to pass out the goods.
The next morning I sat him in front of an empty halloween bag to play with.
I went to do dishes and turned around to find this...

Was that candy still left in there???

OH did he think he hit the jackpot.

I could just see him sucking as hard and as fast as he could.... he knew it wouldn't last!

He was busted!!!At least he wasn't totally left out this season!

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