Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 ramblings...

Shall I make a list? Okay.
(In random order of significance.)

1. Thanks you for the birthday shout-outs!!! Facebook really does make you feel special on your birthday. And Joe (who has never ever posted in his life) totally surprised me on this here blog. It was a fun birthday!
2. Top Chef Las Vegas. Any takers on that? I had grown tired of this show but was taken in by the brothers. I thought I recognized them from Vegas (because I think I recognize everyone) and was soon sold on how awesome this season was going to be. Those three finalists were all amazing!
3. Friday Night Lights. I won season one and couldn't force myself to watch it. That is until I told Kristen about my dilemma and she promptly text me to WATCH IT one night. So I did and three full seasons and one week later I was officially obsessed. Sad and true.
4. I've exercised regularly since March. Cardio and resistance. Followed my routines faithfully. Felt great. This was a first for me in my entire life. Thing is, I haven't done anything since Thanksgiving morning and I kinda like it. Other than the fact that I never have any energy and never get ready since I don't have to wash the nasty gym off, I'm loving it. And I'm NOT starving at eight in the morning anymore. It's pretty sweet.
5. Grey's favorite songs to sing are: 1. Who let the Dogs Out? 2. Wonder Pets theme song. 3. ABCs. One day we were driving in the car and Grey happened to be freaking out when all of the sudden KMPR played a clip of Who Let The Dogs Out. Grey froze and started barking and that's when I realized all that singing had not gone to waste.
6. Speaking of Grey . . . he did fall out of his pack'n'play before I took the bassinet part out and slept all night on the floor. How's that for awesome parents. We had no clue.
7. At Legoland this year Kate would ride even the scary rides thus forcing to Truman to do so. It was so funny. Truman was not pleased with the situation but complied to avoid wimping out to his sister!
8. My two best friends had babies two days apart! Hazel on Christmas Eve and baby boy the day after Christmas! Wish I could meet them both!
9. Joe got me a sewing machine for Christmas! Total surprise! Not that I hadn't asked for it . . .I broke mine in the process of reupholstering my couch. But surprised I was. So I guess it's time to learn how to sew for reals this time!
10. I actually hung things on my wall this month. CRAZY! It's only taken me 13 months to do so. Now it's upstairs time . . . I'm shaking up the bedroom situation and going to get things done! (It's a new year so I can say that stuff, right?)
11. I'm the WORST commenter ever no thanks to Google Reader. And for that I am sorry. I'm a slave to it! (You should be too.) But it makes me sad that I am lazy and don't click out of it to comment . . . just know I do in my head. And I've come to embrace the fact that I really do love this blogging world! It's such a connector and I love it!

Well I've got holiday pictures to post, New Years cards to send, and walls to paint. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


And as her husband, who's spent 8 or 9 of those years at her side, I feel I'm in a pretty solid position to offer some objective opinions about how friggin' awesome she is! (can you say "friggin'" on these blogs? First post.)  

But rather than ooze on an on about how great she is like those newlyweds used to do in our first BYU married ward (eyes rolling), let me keep it short and simple by giving quick props to just two of the many things I love about my wife--her culinary acumen and her one-of-a-kind fun personality.

Just to help you understand her dedication to all things food--Suzy asks for cook books and kitchen appliances for Christmas and her Birthday and the best part is--she's sincere in her requests.  How sweet is that, especially for a "what's in it for me" guy, like myself.  She makes me (close your eyes during this part mom) NOT long for my mom's cooking, sorry mom. AND she cooks so well it's kind of taken the fun out of eating out at fancy restaurants.  Thank you Suzy for teaching me what "capers" were at 24 and how to eat stinky expensive cheese at 30.    

As for her personality, Suzy is not simply my comical equivalent or intellectual equal, she always seems to "one up" me, but in a good way--in a way where life never has a chance to get dull and the conversation is never boring.  Suzy is totally unique and is always game when fun's to be had.  And for that I love her. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZY and I think I speak for all of us who know you well enough to read your blog that the world would not be as bright and wonderful without you.

HAPPY 32!!! 


Sunday, November 29, 2009


(phew...finally caught up!)

Thanks to Joe, we have some documentation of Thanksgiving!  It was a wonderful time spent with the Wirths!

Birthday boy!!!

It was a party at the bounce house!  

And there were only two teeth knocked out this time!
Happy Birthday Truman--we love you!

Grandma's house...

Wes and his family came for the weekend so we all got together for breakfast!

We ate, played, and visited.  Such fun times!  We missed you Mike and family!  (And Jessica and Maria.)

preschool times....

We LOVE Miss Karilee!   Kate's Halloween and Thanksgiving performances were so cute!  I can't believe how big she's getting!


Went a little something like this:

I didn't even have a costume for this little guy...good thing my friend shelli had an extra one in her car. :)
This dude's an alien--minus the alien face (not his favorite).  He has the best first grade teacher!  
And this little one was . . . a fairy!  Surprise!  You cannot resist her though.  She is that scrumptious!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I read this girl's post.   I remembered the phone call from my mom.  The flights back and forth.  The prayers and feelings that accompanied the faith.  I remember the later confidence and relief only to be chased away again by fear.  And then I read her post.  And sat and wondered how I have allowed this fear to enter and spread its grimy gloom to other aspects of my life too.  Well, I'm done.  I'm with you Lori.  I'm choosing faith!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

birthday boy!!!

My cousin erica always does this for birthdays and i LOVE it...i'm a total copycat. 


For Truman:

1.  He was born with light blonde hair...huh?

2.  He took a binky from day one.

3.  Happy mellow infant.

4.  Full of energy FUN toddler.

5.  Happy happy happy.

6.  When he was smaller, he'd walk up to the park and yell "hey friends!" to all the strangers there and left with them all saying "bye Truman!"

7.  Tender hearted.

8.  Loves to get cozy.

9.  Will scratch your back without expecting a return scratch.

10.  Makes his sister pay  him money to read his Calvin and Hobbs.

11.  The top reader in his second grade reading class.

12.  Loves to draw.

13.  Has bizarrely neat handwriting.

14.  Is the tallest in his class.

15.  He's been wearing size 8 slims since he turned six.

16.  He has thick hair like Grandpa Truman.

17.  His Grandpa is his buddy!

18.  Could watch T.V. all day if I let him.

19.  At two he would play with Thomas the Tank Engine and his track for hours.

20.  Favorite food is Salmon and salad.

21.  Always asks for a tuna in olive oil salad with vinegar and veggies.

22.  When eating calamari, he prefers the rings to the mini octopi with the scary tentacles.

23.  Will pass on baked goods.

24.  Prefers hard sugar candy.

25.  Has nine cavities . . . I know!  But each cavity hit two surfaces and that's how we ended up with nine!  (Bad mom!)

26.  Wrestles his dad everyday.

27.  He's the bug killer around here.

28.  Scared of dogs (sorry dude, my bad.)

29.  He can talk LOUD!  (wonder where he gets that from . . . )

30.  Loves to read.

31.  He's a great friend.

32.  LOVES his cousins!!!

33.  His prayers never miss Wes, Grandpa, and Mia (Mark's dog that broke her leg . . . huh # 28??)

34.  Loves his family.

35.  Is a good brother.

36.  Helps me out a ton!

37.  The best sleeper.

38.  Used to sleep till 10 am when he was a toddler with a three hour nap and going to bed at 8 pm.

39.  Has always been big and tall.

40.  Plays the piano really well.

41.  Loves basketball.

42.  Is a surprisingly fast swimmer.

43.  Is very affectionate.  

44.  Always gives "best friends for hugs" with his cousins.

45.  His fingernails grow like weeds!

46.  Loves to hang with his dad.

47.  Was potty-trained in two days and never wet at night.  (Don't ask how old he was--not that old! )  :)

48.  Learned to ride his bike in two days . . . again he was a tad older.

49.  Loved the hydrotube in the st. george city pool this summer and came out screaming with joy as he fist-pumped the air after being held down by his cousin that came down on him.

50.  Gets his nervousness from me . . . but he's getting better.

51.  Could stay up all night!

52.  Loves all the bands his dad does and prefers rock-n-roll (go figure).

53.  Had chronic ear infections as a toddler which lead to tubes in his ears.

54.  Has always had allergies.

55.  Has blue eyes.

56.  Grew two inches in the last four months.

57.  He is a magnet for friends.

58.  Can talk to anyone.

59.  Eats as fast as Zach . . . or maybe faster.

60.  Eats a ton of food!!!

61.  Has to have his own down time.

62.  Loves his grandma and grandpa and going to their house.

63.  Loves veggies but won't touch oatmeal.

64.  Wants whipped cream every morning on his breakfast.

65.  Doesn't really snack (just has solid meals and pounds that food!)

66.  He will always clean with a bribe.

67.  Wishes I let him watch Spongebob.

68.  Loves his butter fresh and straight from the fridge to his toast (or anything else that requires butter...but who doesn't??)

69.  Loves saltines and butter (thanks to me, my mom, and grandma Bowler)

70.  As a baby he was always dancing, excited and happy.  

71.  Is still that.

77.  Was born during the wee hours of Halloween morning.

78.  Was a week over his due date.

79.  He was 21 lbs. at 5 months.

80.  Always tells me when he likes my hair, or outfit, or when I get dressed up.   He totally notices that stuff.

81.  Constantly surprises us at what he can do whether it's piano, school work, or sports.

82.  Loves Subway.

83.  Loves pickles just like his grandpa.

84.  Sat down with him one morning to teach him to tie his shoes and he's never asked me since.

85.  Didn't walk till he was just over sixteen months old...he was huge!

86.  Always wants to know which team is the good team so he can cheer for them.

87.  Always puts random objects under his pillow each night.

88.  Has lost two teeth.

89.  He's easy to get along with.

90.  He loves the comics section of the paper.

91.  Didn't get his first tooth until 11 months.

92.  Loves to play the computer.

93.  Had RSV and croup at two months old, but other than the ear infections he's always been really healthy.

94.  I remember driving in the car and Truman saying, "mom, I want to be good just like Jesus."

95.  He's the one who reads the scriptures to us each night.

96.  Still has his favorite baby blanket that Maria got him, which he hides because Grey gets pretty territorial when it comes to blankets.

97.  He's seven years old and in first grade.

98.  He cut a neighbor girl's hair when he was three...(They collaborated together and I was just glad I wasn't the one tending...)

99.  Can never find a matching flip flop...makes me crazy.

100.  Is the best boy we could ever ask for!!!  We LOVE you Truman!!! 

we love you truman!

happy birthday!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

sneak peek...

Had the best time today!  This wedding was beautiful...and so were the people!!!  Many more of these two to come but for now...sleep.:) Thank you Chelsea and Cameron!

Friday, October 16, 2009

maternity pics...

Mary got an awesome new bike!  We planned on doing maternity pics when I came out and of course we left that task to be done in the twenty minutes before we had to leave for the airport.  Why?  Why are we both so much the same and we leave ourselves 20 minutes??? Ahhhh!  Twenty minutes or not she still looks awesome!

san francisco....

Now that I'm finally getting caught up (somewhat) here's recap of my sweet girl's trip!  

Oh--the shopping the city and the eating!!!  We felt young and hip for a second until we realized: a)one of us is pregnant. b)one has braces (which might be confused into feeling young--but does just the opposite when you're 15 years late!) c)we're old!!!  And just a little confused on how we got this old and why we still feel 18. wierd. (d)Mary was/is always the hip one.) And lastly e)we got so dang tired!  What the??? I'm not even pregnant! 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

shout out!

For the most FABULOUS weekend friend!
(more pics to come...)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

wrapping it up!

No lines + cool breeze + weekend before school started = BEST DAY EVER!!!  
(why would anyone ever go when it's hot and busy???)