Sunday, March 29, 2009

backyard fun...

We got our basketball court poured and it's a party in back!

Now we just need to finish the rest so I don't have the lovely task of mopping up pounds of dusty dirty little footer prints!  Summer's almost here!  :)
(She wanted to wear the know, just to finish off the outfit.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


so when your best friend uploads her pictures on your computer and leaves...don't you just have to do some sort of collage?  this is for you TWO!

baby jo...

This little one came over for some pictures...but didn't get much time with the camera.  (About 10 minutes.)  But I'm making her come back becuase she is THE MOST ADORABLE thing ever!  Think real life Cabbage Patch Kid.  Minus Xavier's signature on her bum.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


guess who came to town???

guess what is now tradition...
why don't we live close???



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

for sale...

First things first.  
My cousins Brooke and Rachel came for a short visit the other day!  I took pictures of Brooke's baby girl and had to sneek in some of Rachel's baby boy!  The cutest kids and it was so fun to hang with them!  So let's do it again girls!

Now, take a good look at the curtains in the background of these pictures.  I bought enough fabric and made 6 panels measuring approx. 103 inches by 53 inches.  (Well, my mom actually did the work and that's why they look good, but I was there during the whole process.)  I've decided to put them in Kate's room so that leaves me with four panels left over.  Anyone want to buy them?   The back ground is not pure white (which I like about it.)  Look at the first picture, it looks like a natural canvas color.  I thought I'd throw it out here before I go to ebay and craigslist.  I also have 6 yard of this great blue (it's light with a hint of grey--the color is spot on) with a white kind of floral (think minimal floral) printed on.  Should I take a picture and show?  Guess I'll see how this goes....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Bath time ritual:  cozy towel + binks
  (he just hangs out while the I get ready)

new obsession:  washer + dryer

best daytime friend:  big sister

loves to:  laugh

old obsession: mirror + silly faces

always finds:  the crayons

(which has been lacking in it's "entertaining" ablilites)

reasons for posting this entry in 5 min:
1. to get the first picture of my last entry off!!!  It was laundry day and I was sorting clothes in my bedroom when he starting crawling so that's the lovely blur all around Grey!  Makes me feel like my blog's messy :) Which in turn just adds to the other lovely messes all around!  Like toys--hate them!
2.  I feel like I've dropped off the side of the earth (in terms of blogging) and I'm having a hard time pulling myself back up.
3.  MJ(G)M is coming tomorrow!!!  I've got to catch up so I can post about how fun our girls trip was (even though it's at my house--but hey, Joe's taking time off and watching the kids so we can do whatevez we want!!!)

(this is a lame post....but I'm almost done with my blurb book and oh well!)