Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Tammy....

Tammy (Joe's sister) got married on Friday to Kelsey Williams. It was a lovely wedding in their home. She asked me to do her make-up. I said "okay," then I got real nervous and wondered why I have to have an opinion about everything (make-up) and why I said yes...then I took a deep breath and she made it easy. She looked great and was absolutely glowing!

Tammy with her dad...Big Joe

Tammy with her mom, Susan

And here are the Wirth siblings. (minus Laura in Colorado)



And baby brother Joe (along with niece Chanel)

The kiddies were so good...

Congratulations Tammy and Kelsey!!!

P.s. I used my camera for the first time EVER...but I forgot the instruction manual at home...good thing the camera works by just turning it on! I loved experimenting with the 50mm/ 1.8 lens...but came to realize that was as open as my shot would get. Next time I'll need to remember to bring the 18-55mm so I can get a wider shot going! It was a ton of fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Many thanks to all for such a wonderful birthday and all the well wishes!!!! It all started with the worst high school pictures blown up of me smeared all around the outside of my house! Serves me right for telling Kristen forever ago what happened to my cousin Rachel for her 30th when we were staying with her. Kristen was sneaky and rounded up seriously some of the worst pictures. So, thanks for being my friend back then...after that hard evidence I wouldn't have blamed anyone for just walking away! :) Oh and a shout-out to only sibling I attended high school with...who I'm positive always made sure I had a date!

Aside from Kate being super sick and standing around in my never-before-worn (absolutely fabulous, ALMOST totally worth it except for the fact that I'm 6 months PREGNANT) Kate Spade 10,000 inch heals for four hours at Joe's firm office part--my birthday has been one of the best!

The coming! I'm on day three of 5-10 day delivery. I ended up getting the Nikon D80 along with a 28-80mm lens, 75-300mm lens, and my most beloved 50mm lens!!! There are also wide angle and telephoto attachment lenses in the mix too!!!! I'm super excited...but big purchases take time with me. I know as soon as it comes and I'm comfortable with will be totally worth it. For now though, I'm just trying to take slow deep breaths. Oh, and Joe got me this amazing photography book that I study's amazing how much there is to learning just the basics...before you even take pictures. But I love it.

Joe also got me this wonderful face stuff! Love it!!! It seriously cleans out all the gunk in your skin! It just makes it look brighter. My mom uses it and that is the reason I'm now using it.
Joe also go me really great little thoughtful things like books and piano music and he cleaned** the house. My parents were so good to donate to the camera cause and get me a much needed hair brush replacement! (someone once referred to my hair straightening huge brush as a "dog brush," had it's day) Oh, and my in-laws sent me the new Deceptively Delicious cook book! I read the whole thing at Zach and Sandy's while I was there and decided I needed it! Worked out perfect! I also have such good friends! Sara planned a birthday dinner...which was much needed after having a full weekend of "have to" engagements and a sick baby! Isn't is so nice to just go out with the girls!!! Courtney's also planning the December birthday dinner (there are four of us) which is no biggie...with a newborn and two little ones! :) Now, this last birthday gift came from Mark and Maria....she sent her cleaners over to CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? **Joe was a tad offended because he already "cleaned" the house for my birthday. (But somehow the floors and bathrooms or dishes didn't qualify as part of the job :) I love you Joe and thank you and I obviously don't blame you for not wanting to do either!) They cleaned today for 2 1/2 hours! EVERYTHING!!! Blinds (I really was going to clean them when we moved:), fridge, cabinets, in-behind-under furniture, dusted even the top stuff Joe can't see, scrubbed, organized, shined-up, streak-freed everything.....the list goes on! So now I blog because I don't have to clean!!!! Or at least now I blog with a clear mind and clean house! I have been so spoiled!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

But some of the best birthday news came from Wes. He had his first post-chemo scan on Tuesday and NO GROWTH! They had a pretty big scare with the headaches, but he got some medicine for them! That kind of news is the best stuff out there. So yeah for answered prayers and lives abundantly blessed! Mine has been this season!

for those who still care....

go to to see who will actually play Bella and Edward! Robert Pattinson takes a few glances to warm up to (and a quick google search for some photos other than on they've nailed it! If it all works out (script, acting ability, etc...) we'll all be drooling over this Edward in the end!