Monday, June 28, 2010

First things first,
I'd like to tell all my friends, family, 
and roommates alike...
These are some sweet pics!

Here we are Rach.
How old were we?  
And this would be a standard outfit.
White v-neck.
And Grandma's beautiful backyard.
Makes me miss her.
And whose wedding was this?
I actually do remember posing like this. 
And finishing  high school with Bret was
so much fun!
Look at those cheeks!
Here we are guys!  
Look at our youth!
This would be fourth of July weekend of '96.
Remember all those fires driving back up to Provo?
And the dances...
and the curly hair.
Joe always asks me where it went.
Uh...have you seen your kids running around???
 BYU freshman summer on the
basketball courts.
Remember that Bodyshop lipstick?
And the overalls.
Those would be mine.
And they were worn at all times by someone!
And there are still more to come!

Friday, June 25, 2010

About stepped on this little pea-in-a-pod
this morning.

Who has his own personal servant(s)!
Who promptly brought him his own 
personal frozen go-gurt.
And we do it for this....
because really...this is why they are so fun!
And sweet baby girl.
I'm sorry you have curly hair and 
ask me to straighten it 
While your first pose is always pretend sleep.
Good thing you got that sweet headband for your birthday...
because you always sport it well. 
And if you leave my house don't forget to 
look back and wave.
He'll always be there.
And strictly for my benefit...
More frozen go-gurt!
And I had to make the chop...again!  I tried, I really did to grow them but...
Mary's hair was so cute I couldn't resist.  So why doesn't mine look like yours?  :(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love the commercial with Gene Wilder singing
"pure imagination" from Charlie and the 
Chocolate Factory.
I always stop and listen to it.
Makes me sentimental.

I know my posts have errors.
thing instead of think
too instead of to
I'm just too lazy to correct them and 
when I republish them they show up in 
google readers twice.
Just know it's late and even though I preview's never till the next day I notice.

I remember in kindergarten my teacher took individual pictures of her students around the playground and made a slide show video.  My picture was the very last one and I was sitting at the top of the slide holding onto the bar overhead right before you go down.  I had jeans and a pink shirt on.  I remember forgetting that she took a picture of me.  As we watched she played the Rainbow Connection song.
I have always loved that song.
It's genetic.
Sara Mclaughlin's version is on my ipod and is requested daily from my girlie.  
Her interpretive dance is awesome!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Polar bears...

and he cut, stitched, and suffed
all by himself.
Boy, you are growing up.
Hum, not quite sure how I feel about that!
This was the happenings around here this morning.
And many a morning around here.  
This baby knows he's the baby!
At the Dr. this morning (double pink eye!)
the nurse asked if he was a 'baby' or 'big boy'...
he replied BABY!
He's got it soooo good!
Kate cleaned this mirror yesterday...
once is enough, right?
(To her defense, she's an excellent mirror cleaner
who happened to be a little to enthralled with the new aerosol spray)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!
We made gifts...
and opened them.
Then had a yummy meal and
great desserts!
Unfortunately the mousse looked 
way better than it tasted.  
Good thing Jody and Jerry saved the day!

Then there was the departure.
Everyone was running on no sleep and 
Trum lost his DS...

And of course we had Grey
to scream at us every two seconds
at our slow response to
"find me!"
But Kate entertained herself quite nicely.
And only asked me to take a picture of 
every single one of hers. 
Good think I had it out and am trying to 
keep up with my goals!
Such a great Dad!
Such a great weekend!
Sunny St. George.

We met baby Thomas for
the first time.
So delicious! 
And had such a good time
by the pool!
But who doesn't with 
these girls!
And Dave...
need I say more?
It's good to have you guys back!
Together with Johnny Lukey!
And the nostril flare.
And all those cousins.
We'd forgotten how many there actually
are!  It has been WAY to long!

So much fun!  And thanks Deb for the stay!  Love your house.  And it was worth the travel even as I listen to Grey upstairs wide awake begging to get out.  Sorry buddy...routine's back!