Monday, August 25, 2008

first day....

How can my baby be old enough?
(How can I be old enough???)

We all woke up nice and early with smiles all around.

(Oh yah, except the smiles kind of faded as soon as their bodies realized they still wanted to sleep. And sister didn't want to eat breakfast because she's still on the mend...but my buddy--he was just thrilled with the fact that he was going to the "new" school and not the first one. He can't stop talking about it.)

We ran into Mia in the parking lot.

(I think we all were a little nervous...)

Then it was outside for the pledge and prayer.

He lined up so nicely and was so brave. I was too.

The little girls played as the others began their routines.

Sweet Wynn...can't wait to start preschool with you.
(That's all she talks about...our only saving grace from complete come apart because she can't stay with Trum. Not like she wouldn't be freaking out the second I's going to be a whole other story when she starts....)

AND....our FABULOUS TEACHER...Ms. Bailey!!!
She is so good with those little ones! Once Trum was with her he didn't even care if I was there or not. We ALL are thrilled!

Then the pledge began I was literally fighting back the tears! Those emotions totally threw me for a loop!!! (Joe would have been bawling like a baby!!!) He's been so ready and so excited for school.... and quite frankly so have I...that I didn't think I would be emotional. But as they all put their little hands over their little hearts and started the pledge I realized that this is the first day of saying goodbye to my buddy all day long...until he leaves home. sniff sniff...and that makes me a tad emotional. (Note to self: read this entry when he gets home and they start going after each other.)

So to honor Joe I left Trum with this little reminder...
"make it a great day...!!!"

for joe...

an interim time of life...

we closed on Friday and things are starting to move and shake over at "the house..."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

summer pictures continued....

Meet the family....

Zach and Sandy-

Mark and Maria-

Mike and Marci-


Wes and Lori-

and my oh so favorite....

I love this picture (which would have made me G-A-G in high school)...where do they get off thinking THEY are in high school? Hmmm, the beauty of old love....