Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 ramblings...

Shall I make a list? Okay.
(In random order of significance.)

1. Thanks you for the birthday shout-outs!!! Facebook really does make you feel special on your birthday. And Joe (who has never ever posted in his life) totally surprised me on this here blog. It was a fun birthday!
2. Top Chef Las Vegas. Any takers on that? I had grown tired of this show but was taken in by the brothers. I thought I recognized them from Vegas (because I think I recognize everyone) and was soon sold on how awesome this season was going to be. Those three finalists were all amazing!
3. Friday Night Lights. I won season one and couldn't force myself to watch it. That is until I told Kristen about my dilemma and she promptly text me to WATCH IT one night. So I did and three full seasons and one week later I was officially obsessed. Sad and true.
4. I've exercised regularly since March. Cardio and resistance. Followed my routines faithfully. Felt great. This was a first for me in my entire life. Thing is, I haven't done anything since Thanksgiving morning and I kinda like it. Other than the fact that I never have any energy and never get ready since I don't have to wash the nasty gym off, I'm loving it. And I'm NOT starving at eight in the morning anymore. It's pretty sweet.
5. Grey's favorite songs to sing are: 1. Who let the Dogs Out? 2. Wonder Pets theme song. 3. ABCs. One day we were driving in the car and Grey happened to be freaking out when all of the sudden KMPR played a clip of Who Let The Dogs Out. Grey froze and started barking and that's when I realized all that singing had not gone to waste.
6. Speaking of Grey . . . he did fall out of his pack'n'play before I took the bassinet part out and slept all night on the floor. How's that for awesome parents. We had no clue.
7. At Legoland this year Kate would ride even the scary rides thus forcing to Truman to do so. It was so funny. Truman was not pleased with the situation but complied to avoid wimping out to his sister!
8. My two best friends had babies two days apart! Hazel on Christmas Eve and baby boy the day after Christmas! Wish I could meet them both!
9. Joe got me a sewing machine for Christmas! Total surprise! Not that I hadn't asked for it . . .I broke mine in the process of reupholstering my couch. But surprised I was. So I guess it's time to learn how to sew for reals this time!
10. I actually hung things on my wall this month. CRAZY! It's only taken me 13 months to do so. Now it's upstairs time . . . I'm shaking up the bedroom situation and going to get things done! (It's a new year so I can say that stuff, right?)
11. I'm the WORST commenter ever no thanks to Google Reader. And for that I am sorry. I'm a slave to it! (You should be too.) But it makes me sad that I am lazy and don't click out of it to comment . . . just know I do in my head. And I've come to embrace the fact that I really do love this blogging world! It's such a connector and I love it!

Well I've got holiday pictures to post, New Years cards to send, and walls to paint. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


And as her husband, who's spent 8 or 9 of those years at her side, I feel I'm in a pretty solid position to offer some objective opinions about how friggin' awesome she is! (can you say "friggin'" on these blogs? First post.)  

But rather than ooze on an on about how great she is like those newlyweds used to do in our first BYU married ward (eyes rolling), let me keep it short and simple by giving quick props to just two of the many things I love about my wife--her culinary acumen and her one-of-a-kind fun personality.

Just to help you understand her dedication to all things food--Suzy asks for cook books and kitchen appliances for Christmas and her Birthday and the best part is--she's sincere in her requests.  How sweet is that, especially for a "what's in it for me" guy, like myself.  She makes me (close your eyes during this part mom) NOT long for my mom's cooking, sorry mom. AND she cooks so well it's kind of taken the fun out of eating out at fancy restaurants.  Thank you Suzy for teaching me what "capers" were at 24 and how to eat stinky expensive cheese at 30.    

As for her personality, Suzy is not simply my comical equivalent or intellectual equal, she always seems to "one up" me, but in a good way--in a way where life never has a chance to get dull and the conversation is never boring.  Suzy is totally unique and is always game when fun's to be had.  And for that I love her. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZY and I think I speak for all of us who know you well enough to read your blog that the world would not be as bright and wonderful without you.

HAPPY 32!!!