Friday, August 31, 2007

All dressed up and ready to go...

This is the scene I came upon yesterday! Made me laugh...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This one is for Kate! She's my girl! I can't believe kids actually figure it out! My silly girl now uses the Big Girl Potty! Whooo Hooo! It took about two solid weeks to work out the kinks, but she's got it! Sure we'll have our accidents, but she does it. Even without me having to ask her if she has to go all the time!
Way to go Kate! Thanks for the hard work!

Monday, August 27, 2007


have come at last! Since cutting out all dairy and fast food greeeeezzzzze....(you'd think I'd have learned from the previous two pregnancies...nope) I reduced the I'm-going-to-throw-up-right-now-but-not-really-I'm-just-going-to-wish-I-could feeling to a functioning upset stomach with just a few peak nauseous times. Hallelujah! With of course a many thank to hard candy and gum.
This one verses this one...

I watched the five hour (5H) version of Pride and Prejudice this Saturday while Joe took the kids to Chucky Cheese's and shopping (gotta love that Joe) and I'm going to just say it, flat out, how it is...Even though I did not like Kiera Knightly previously, (and by the way...she's dating Rupert Friend--LOVE LOVE LOVE him, if there were ever an actor to play Edward, Rupert has my vote. He plays Wickham in the new P & P) she has won my heart in the new version of Pride and Prejudice. They did such a fabulous job this time. Even though Colin Firth is good to the eyes, he does Darcy no justice! Shame on him! He's not all grouchy and mean. He's a serious kind of guy, more on the quiet side, who has his own fair share of pride. And Matthew Macfadyen, thank you. Although not a total babe in the can walk towards me through a field in the wee am hours anytime you please! LOVE him! He emotes so much more than Colin. You see his struggle and love him for it! As for the Bennet family....In the book, Jane is the more beautiful one. 5H version...Jane looks kind of like a line-backer (not very nice, but it's to prove a point), new and improved version...Rosamund Pike is absolutely beautiful. And I'd like to think that in the book the Bennet parents actually do care for each other, on some level or another. Thank you new version. As silly as Mrs. Bennet is (a fabulous job Brenda Blethyn) Mr. Bennet does care and does not treat her as badly as the 5H version. Of course the Mrs. Bennet in the 5H is bad enough that I would probably treat her the same way. Anyway, there are a myriad of comparisons. The positive about the 5H is that it is actually five hours! I would not complain if the new one were. Of course that sounds crazy, but I'm sticking with it. I know I'm opposed on many levels, there is a great debate between the two versions...but bring it! For all those who have not yet seen the new Pride and Prejudice....go get it! Watch it uninterrupted and enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dream baby room....

I'm if-y about these must have chair...can't get the picture here. (drives me crazy)

If I have to have a dresser

my bedding changes monthly
So you'll pretty much see stuff like this at my house if IKEA starts making it! :)

Oh, I know that one...

Last night Joe and I spent some quality time here! So much fun! Joe, on the floor listening/guessing what show....

Joe: Oh I know that one!

Me: Are you sure?

Joe: (singing along verbatim) I totally used to watch this all the time....

me: You really want to admit that?

Joe: why?...what does it start with?

me: 'D'...(for Designing Women)

Joe: Okay just tell me...

Joe after the reveal: (embarrassed smile) I don't know why I know that....(I got busted look)I never watched it....(the excuse) probably just know if from my sisters watching it...
It's okay Joe, we all did stupid stuff when we were young!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For Trisha....

A glimps of our family pictures you couldn't get off flickr....:)

Mary, Mary Gordon

Freshman summer 1996, car ride (invite from new boy), rear seat--me, boy, mary jane. I sit, knowing none but boy, listening to 4 girls converse. These were crucial times in our social lives. None had know each other outside of a week, and some were in full force of setting themselves apart socially, which much to their chagrin, rarely worked to their advantage. This was the stage in the car. The three up-front girls were working very hard to impress the sole male in the back while the three back-seaters listened. Their wit and charm and cleverness were shinning bright! Would never place mary jane with other three girls...and come to find out, either would she. Our friendship sparked over her using the not so witty, charming, clever word--lame. And there it began...a whole college career with mary jane gordon! Every one needs to find their mary! So here is to you, my friend Mary! Mother of two, married to the best friend of boy-in-the-back-seat, and still my favorite.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reasons I blog...

these are the reasons:
  • My absolutely amazing sister-in-law Lori whom I can't even shadow in comparison...but inspires and delights through her blog. My cousin Abby , ditto above, also had her part. I feel like I know them so well and if if weren't for these girls...I would never caught the blog spirit, which is totally and 100% addicting!
  • I get to live my dream job through Him. Read his bio...also my dream training! I love his site and have looked at every archive and read every bit I could get my hands on....Ooohhh he rocks! AND I love Her and am going to have her job one day! (Go to her blog from this site, she posts her pictures there too.) Hopefully soon...Joe's been taking my hints on my camera and lens of choice...of course that may be the only gift I get for the next four years...but bring it! In January they offer the photography class I want in the evening...and I'm so there!
  • It's a small world! So I'm blog stalking and come across this girl who it turns out lived in one side of a house with her newly married husband and me and my roommates lived in the other. (the least desirable situation as a newly wed I'm sure) Now she has four kids, looks exactly the same, and still has the dog her husband bought her when they got married. (Mary and I would wish it dead everyday...he was a puppy and loud and I do NOT like animals...)

This blog world has opened up a whole new world for me! I have all these people who I swear we would be best friends if we actually met! :) It's such a connector! And so much fun!

A cow chewing her cud...

My life-line to nausea control! GUM! Although the thought of it makes me sick...the results are priceless! (Okay, so the picture is kinda gross...) Thank you gum. You've always been good to me, you know I'm a fan...

Monday, August 20, 2007

back to pointless clothes...well not that pointless...

The versatile sweater! No matter how much your stomach does/doesn't protrude...this is the answer! This sweater! Thank you very much!


Last night Maria showed me the commercials for the church she had recorded from cool! So I decided to check out the site today. You have to go! once you're there, let the screen change to where you see a face and watch the videos! They are amazing! They tell their stories of finding Christ and then on almost all of them a narrator tell where they are and when they were baptized. As I sat and watched them I could just feel their testimonies and faith and I know that this is such a catalyst for all those people out there searching and not knowing where to look! I loved it! Great family home evening! Words can't express the gratitude I feel to know the truth. How different life would be without it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

One more thing....

Can these be my winter shoes? > Ambrose Wedges: Please, please, please may I have these shoes? They're on my wish list Joe...I don't know what it is about these that I love so much, but I do. Maybe it's the grungy/granola stage from a few years back plus the whole Little Orphan Annie that they've got going on...but nonetheless...I would really appreciate them...JOE!

So Forever 21's got it right now...I've only seen it on about 5 other blogs so far! Get um while they're hot!
Reasons my pants aren't so complainer-ing:
  • Bumble and Bumble hair powder--my saving grace...sort of. No more grey sheen days of baby powder. I now rejoice in increased days of dark grease-less dirty hair. Need I say more?
  • Bare Mineral Foundation--as life changing as dark hair powder. Say goodbye to forgetful nights of facewashing and renewed breakouts in the morning...for reals! How about Vegas summers of sweating and ruining that "fresh face" look?...gone! Oh yeah, this is so my kind of make-up! Give it a week at least...and you too will know the difference! Of course I must give a shout out to my Arbonne Intelligence face moisturizer. I'm too cheap to buy the whole face set again, but I will NOT be without this product! (If you ever want it at 30% off, feel free to use my account...besides if you can get something cheaper, you do it, right?....Sorry Bryce, if you happen to read this.)

Why is my frowny face changing into a smile right now? Oh, maybe it's because I've got week old hair, day old face, and walked into the spa I bought my mom's gift certificate today only to hear compliments not only to my hair, but also my skin....hee hee. Of course I am taking into account that it's their business to flatter people so they'll come back...but I'll take and run! Who cares if this physically defines me as a person. At least I'm aware of the fact that I'm lazy, and with products that cater to this...I'd be a fool to change!

  • OH, and High School Musical II is coming out tonight. OOOhhhh, major closet fan here. I don't know what happened. Two summers ago, tending my oldest brother's kids while they were having their sixth, I was exposed to numerous renditions of High School Musical. Come to find out...I actually have a crush on it. So whooo hooo to number twwoo tonight! Sorry Joe, I should have let you know earlier.
  • Eating potato chips today! That's right. Thank goodness for that nursing metabolizm or I'd be--well, in deep trouble. They were sooooo goooooood. And not that I don't indulge in potato chips, but usually not simultaneously with all the other junk/fast food available. (Which brings me to my next topic)
  • FAST FOOD! Okay, for those of you who know me this may come as a shock to you....but come on! Thank you Baja Fresh and In and Out Burger for treating me so well this past week. I do get the burger "protein style"--not a big bread fan since Poland--but oh those fries do me sooo good! This baby either loves it salty and spice or is going to!
  • Persuasion by Jane Austen. Did you know I'd never read it? Of course it lacked a little in the whole couple dialogue, but it's so here style. The whole leaving to the imagination sometimes just bugs! I'm just the type that actually doesn't want to leave it all up to imagination! I actually do want to know EXACTLY what they say to each other....all the time. Especially when the are: A. DTR--defining the relationship, phrases courtesy of Mike Truman high school days, B. Unexpectedly meeting alone after the afore mentioned scene, C. Getting married, and finally D. Wanting to know how it all turns out! Yes, I'm talking about a series here people! Their life story! Oh well, sniff sniff.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm totally complainer pants today....reasons why:
  • I JUST heard about and purchased Bumble and Bumble hair powder in brown! (Sorry haven't figured out the links thing yet) On the list on complaints you ask? Oh no, but the fact that I've been using baby powder in my almost jet black hair for the past five years and shaking the crap out of my hair just so I don't have a slightly grey sheen, kind of puts me out today. Why not just wash? Cause then I'd have yet another reason to complain about! Besids, dirty hair always works/looks the best, right?
  • Spent way too much time on the computer today instead of playing with my kids!
  • Ate fast food twice today! I even ate it, which is really sad!
  • Have eaten Taco Bell more in the last week than I have in the last two years...literally!
  • Stopped feeling "empowered" about our whole budgeting thing! It's been two months now, and the loan is paid off...can't we just go back to NOT budgeting, just letting the chips fall where they may?
  • I am NOT A MULTI-TASKER! Okay! I said it! I actually do enjoy taking a bath and sitting there doing nothing, preferably with my kids in bed or in front of the TV--doing nothing but sitting and soaking! I'm fine to let my kids wake me up. I have to have my own down myself. Deep breath. And the only reason I have lists is because I'll flake on the whole world if I don't!
  • It is SOOOOO HOOOOOTTTTTTT! We can't go anywhere outside!
  • The last and final reason is because I'm PREGNANT! I told Joe I'd give it one shot, if it stuck, then it was meant to be....and I actually can't believe it did. Not that I'm not thankful for the whole process of life and blah blah blah...but why? Why do we have to be sick? As if being a "host" for almost 10 months isn't enough, actually being sick for 14 weeks on top of that?! Oh, come on!

So for all these things I'm complaining about now, I'm sure I'll be thankful for them in time! I'm just not very good at the whole feeling like I'm going to throw-up all day long thing. . .See, I'm a total complainer-pants! After all this venting...I actually do feel a little better.