Monday, January 31, 2011

summer '10

We spent quite a bit of time in 
Provo this summer.

These girls did a lot of this.

We picked fresh peaches for the first
time in their lives.  Sad.

And we walked with our grandma and grandpa.

(Or rode on our grandpa)

There were forts and binkies.

Our very first tart.
(That's what it's called, right?
I don't bake!)

And baby boys that loved to be together!

 We miss being with them!

For Tammy...

Halloween was supposed to in Provo this year...
but Grandpa needed a little recovery 
time after his surgery.

So we crashed some parties in St. George.
Brynn was darling!

And of course Grandma Susan was too.

And Kate can hardly handle the fact that Aunt Tammy put "real" makeup on her!
(Mascara and all!  So fun! And of course she wanted to 
wear her witch costume from TWO years ago. There
was no persuading her to wear the new one we
got for this year!)