Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer time....

Over the next few days my goal is to document this summer. My computer is in her final hours and no longer allows me to upload photos or process them in these pictures are her final few and straight from the camera.

This is Mike's family when they were sad to see them go home. My kids keep asking when their cousins are going to move closer. I tell them to keep asking their Uncle Mike that!

Kate picked flowers everyday on our reunion. So much for letting everyone enjoy them! I saw her smelling a handful on the way into the Cannon Center and told her to turn catch her doing this....

This was the first day when only Mark's family was there with us...these kids had the most fun!

And my two of my favorite "girly-girls." Kate cannot get enough of Megan (me either for that matter...) and I love that she has cousins her age!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We didn't exactly break-up. Blogger has been good to me for a long time. I just needed space. I don't do well with excessive smothering anyway. He never allowed me "light" perusing rights. It was either all or nothing. And he sucked me in everyday....and held me captive until I read them all!

There is something liberating in NOT checking in everyday. Showing him who's in control around here! I feel empowered! And now, I think we can really work things out. We do have a good thing going. He's connected me to so many that I know we're not supposed to be over. Just a little tweaked from what was....

So here goes:

Pictures of my cousin and her beautiful tiny baby boy. (He's literally 1/3 the size of Grey).

p.s....I tried to post pictures I took of this cute family and I really the only person who didn't realize that when your permanent marker runs out and you use ball-point on the front of the CD that it ruins it??? I know my brain is in an altered state during this whole birthing process...but come on! I can't even believe it and I'm just thankful they got their copies. (Oh, and it ruined about five other CDs I'd burned...nice!)