Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's talk....

You is going too fast.  Way too fast.  This has been the fastest year of my life and I'm sure next will be faster and the next even faster and so on and so forth.  I just have to ask WHY???  Why is it that this little girl turned FOUR yesterday???  I used to always tell this little one to knock-it-off!  Knock-off growing up!  Stay my little girl just a little bit longer.  Then one day she asked if I would like her when she was I changed my talk.  I love her big just as much as I love her little...I just love her.  But how can I NOT?  I feel like I understand her little personality more and more and I'm amazed at how unique these little ones are. 

I can't believe you're FOUR years old Kate!!!  Each Sunday as we sing our Hymns you sit poised and ready to read my lips and finish each word completely on key...and you sing out so strong that it makes me teary each time.  I want to freeze these moments in time.   Your little voice (don't get that confused with soft:)...I can't get enough of it!   You sing all the time.  You are my cozy little one.  And what would we do without you???  Happy Birthday baby girl....We love you so much!

(This is the only before picture of our's now officially finished!!!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Had so much fun with this sweet baby girl and her momma!  LOVED her story...I do believe in miracles!  :)

When Courtney called to see if I'd shoot her niece's pictures for her graduation announcement I was kind of nervous because I'd never done it before....but it was a ton of fun and like you could even get a bad picture when you're this beautiful!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


First off...went to St. George for my cousin's wedding and my other cousin's homecoming!  It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful meeting!   Of course I have no pictures to show for anyone one of you girls that had your camera--I want a picture of us all on Grandma's steps!!!  Please.

We did stop with Grandma Wirth to take some pictures of the temple for my cousin.  I was so beautiful.

To reference the title...Why do I dread blogging???  Why do I feel like it's another task on my list of tasks...and why do I let it bug me that I don't keep up on it???  (Well, at least bug me when it crosses my mind.)  My goal is to get ONE blurb book done--JUST ONE--then I can call it quits, right???  I'm still only halfway through my book....ugh!