Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wrapping up + provo....

Wrapping up our family trip...

Here we all circa 1983, right mom? We lived in Bountiful and I loved the rose on the front of that dress. My mom saved it for me. 3, 6, 8, 10. Can that really be that long ago? Passing time is such a strange thing. But here we all are still and for that I'm thankful.

There is a story about this pictures...I think it has to do with my mom being slightly ticked
by the time we got there and the camera guy with a stuffed animal. Right, mom?

There is a particular little person in our household who consistently ( CONSISTENTLY) asked when we were going to Provo. Two reasons: Lucy and snow. It didn't help that Dad said we would sometime. Lest you doubt, this little one is NOT to be distracted! Give up?....

And here she is wearing my very first skirt I've ever made her!
(Can I get a whoop, whoop???)
With yellow pockets and a pattern I made by copying a skirt she has.
Can I tell you I love it? (And yes, I do realize I'm the only one but there is seriously something to be said about sewing!)
Ah...little girl! I do love you so.
So of course when the opportunity came we couldn't pass it up. Girls trip to Provo!
And the SNOW!!!
(It didn't matter to her that it was the only patch I could find...wet and dirty but SNOW!)

And of course LUCY!!!
Who let her borrow boots, too!
Little girls...I love them!

And baby Spencer...I cannot get enough of you baby!

But we came for Wes's Birthday! So glad we did!
Thanks for letting us come!
I love you guys!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family...isn't it about time?

Why yes it is! And thanks to Mark (and Maria) their gift to my parents for Christmas was (planning and making sure it happened) a family trip. So in Mike and Wes flew and off we went minus Zach for the first few days.
We had the best time! Eating, walking, and of course bike riding. It was sweet and I lost the bike ride pics on my sad. My parents can still totally rock it.
Zach flew in and we went to Laguna to check out some tide pools. Did I tell you we're moving? Yep, California here we come! You can kind of see our house on the hillside just below....

After some serious scaling off the mountain Mark came across this little thing.
If you look really close you can see that little guy come was so cool. Mark wanted to keep it. :)

After Mark slipped and fell in (I only laughed when I made sure he wasn't hurt :) he really was graceful) we went to the temple. Then we drove by the house my dad grew up in quickly since the owners thought we were stalkers.
We had so much Balderdash fun. It was such a great trip! Why has it taken us so long??? Thank you so much Mark for everything and all the spouses that stayed home so we could all go. Looks like we've got ourselves a new tradition. I love you all!