Sunday, March 30, 2008

do you have the whole team in there???

For all of those who know me...I DESPISE pregnancy pictures! I don't want to see your belly and I won't show you mine! (Even if there are clothes involved.) I'm just not into it!!! So why the contradiction? This is my farewell to pregnancy...and since I'm in the process of making my blog book I'm adding this. ONLY TEMPORARILY!!! As soon as I'm up an running it's coming off!!! Soooo.....please enjoy this AWESOME picture of my belly that provokes, "are you having twins?" more often then not! And p.s. I'm NOT! It's just one!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it's official....

we are buying a house! We can't get our 2% down now if we back out--so we're in! It's just a plot of dirt--but it will be a house in about 4-5 months! We paid a little extra for a bigger lot and it's the perfect size for us...and the best part--- the master closet is bigger than my kid's room right now with a window...goodbye getting ready in the bathroom and welcome "getting ready mess" in the closet (along with my nursery and joe's weights)! And the laundry room is as big as the master closet so now I actually get a utility room to hide all my junk/ sew in/ and have an office!!!! We just finalized our options and I'm so excited (took me a while) I can hardly stand it!!!! Maybe that's because the thought of living in this house with another little one is getting me overwhelmed! (which topic I'm totally avoiding because they just bumped me 3 days because my HMO referral wasn't in soon enough and they already have booked the allotted scheduled c-sections....which puts me at 1 day shy of 40 weeks on a repeat section when they only "allow" you to go 39 weeks due to risk of uterus bursting...but then you have to "give or take" 10 days when you calculate your due date...didn't your doctor tell you that too????? AHHHHH!!!!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

times....they are a changin'....

caution: post EXTREMELY long, written by an EXTREMELY pregnant person with an EXTREME amount of hormones.......

Other than all that...I feel I need to actually publish this post I started about a little less than a month ago before this baby comes and it sits in the draft pile forever. Plus...isn't writing therapeutic? Or is that just what I've heard my entire life....

I have such issues with change. We have a love/hate relationship. This is the hardest part for me. Loosing my family of four. (Even though I know that it will be better. There will be more love and our joy will be even fuller.) I just know that it will never be the same as it is now.

I look at these little hands and know that in one week they won't look so little anymore...

And that little body that doesn't quite dare pedal, just prefers sitting and ringing her bell....

Does this have to end??? Can't they always jump for joy and scream and run with their dad gets home?

As you prepare for the "BIG TISS!!!" kiss...

and the "BIG HUG"....please don't let this change!

And little sister... you are so eager to be big like your brother!!! Wanting to be a part of all he does and be a friend to all of his....

but I am so glad that we had our time together this year. Just you and me. To hang out and do the things you wanted to do and take the path you wanted to take and see the things you wanted to see.

And my very first baby! I remember when you were tiny thinking that one day you would be five and it would probably feel like it happened in the blink of an eye....and you are....and you did.
You give me such hope when I feel like this is the hardest job EVER!!! You just got easier and easier! You are such a good boy! And so eager to be!
You LOVE school and your teacher and everything about it....

and you just look so big to me...

even though you will always be MY baby!

There is nothing better than watching your five year old (who looks eight) still using training wheels (that would be our bad...and we laugh over it all the time) almost completely eat-it on his bike....(with no helmet, mind you...which we have and will use)

only to completely recover and just keep going as if nothing happened as his parents almost pass out from laughing so hard. We were just lucky he was so far away and we could pull ourselves together before he got to us.

And will you always be my sweetest boy??? Who has so much love for everyone!!! Do you really have to grow up?

Can we play bite your nose off for a lot longer?

It's hard to hold a straight face when you're faced with that intensity.

Joe insisted this action shot be's pretty nerve-racking to be in the receiving end of this plunge.

Then comes the BITE!

As she encompasses your nose...
You'll risk it all for it!

Only to have her teeth lightly touch down as she pulls away for the "give me my nose back" response. Which she thrives off of!
And this is how she looks at her daddy when they are done!

Does life get any better?

Oh, and here's one for you too, mom!

And as she contemplates her dance and serenade....

Singing her heart out unashamed...

I can't help wishing this stage would never end.

And we could have this time for just a little longer.

But I have yet to be disappointed with each new stage in our lives.
It seems to bring the same sentiments and feelings that have past.

I just wish it didn't feel like tomorrow.
I know it will be great to have an addition...I remember feeling this before Kate and after she came I couldn't imagine life without why do I have to feel this way now??? And miss this part of my life that will soon change? Does it make the change to come that much sweeter? To find out there is nothing to miss? I think I'll just stick with that and hold on for one more week!